Founded in 1970, BFL Associates is a highly specialized consulting firm, offering comprehensive executive search and strategic business services. Our longtime consulting role has not only allowed us to develop trusted networks for recruiting talent, but also helps us uncover business opportunities for clients.

BFL Associates works to locate and secure the resources clients need to succeed. Clients initially engage our services to locate talent for executive positions. But with capabilities that extend far beyond recruiting, we are frequently able to provide the value-added services of employee retention programs, compensation analysis, and long-term planning for healthy business growth.

BFL quietly and persistently surveys the environment to gather intelligence about a candidate. Our associates are fearless and resourceful in their research. We carefully investigate new opportunities, often in familiar hunting grounds, and sometimes in newer, colder territory. Once we locate what we want, we can be powerful agents of persuasion, yet display great patience when necessary.

When Bjorn F. Lindgren established BFL Associates over 45 years ago in New York, he and a handful of colleagues were primarily involved in executive search activities. Today, the firm is based in Houston and provides an array of search and consulting services globally.


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